“YOU’VE GOT TO BELIEVE YOU’RE GOING TO BE OK – From Fear to Faith”, is the story of my personal journey through cancer treatment and the victory over it!  A story of challenges and triumphs – An inside peek into the waiting room and my experiences there.

As we wait, we are thrust into the unknown. Our minds can wander, and our thoughts can run away. Our attention span can become fragmented by the activity of the surroundings. We do quite a bit of waiting in life, don’t we? We wait for the airplane: Will our loved one arrive safely? We wait for the phone to ring: Will we get the job? Will the news be good or bad? Will the wayward child return? Will the outcome of the surgery be successful? Will the treatment work? Will healing come? Our patience is tried. Our faith is put to the test.

Regardless of which side of the room you are on, you can experience uncomfortable moments there. However, the waiting room is not forever—and you are not alone! God isn’t sitting by passively, watching.  God is a good God who cares about every detail of your life. God is waiting too! He is waiting for you to call—and He will answer!

My story is about the fight for my life. It is a story of challenges and triumphs—faith versus fear . . . a story of choices! It is really God’s story—the Author of Life. And this, then, is a letter from Him to you, transcribed by me. I’m just a character in this story. Each chapter has been touched, changed, brightened, and blessed by the God who wrote this long before I transcribed it. Each thought is punctuated by the mighty power of God.

I also want to share here that you yourself are a letter.  A very important letter. And guess what? God knows the end from the beginning! So, while this book is about my journey, it is also a reminder that your story – YOU – can play a significant role in the lives of others.  I pray that this book will be an encouragement for your journey.  No matter what it is… YOU’VE GOT TO BELIEVE YOU’RE GOING TO BE OK!