Faith in Action is the Ultimate Healing!

As someone who has struggled this past year with the diagnosis of a chronic illness, this book was a much-needed lifeline. The author demonstrates that faith is a decision of the will and not a feeling. When faced with the ultimate level of frightening diagnoses, she chose to believe God that He would “work all things out for her good”. This book is basically a textbook, teaching the reader how to stand firm upon the promises of the God of the universe. This book is an inspiration for anyone who is looking to conquer fear through faith.  – Laura D.


Couldn’t put it down

Read this book in one sitting. It will be gifted many times to my loved ones who ever go through health trials. I couldn’t put it down.

– Suzanne


Astonishing and inspiring!  Faith: tested, tried and confirmed!

This is the genuine and relatable – and encouraging – account of one women’s fight, of and for her life, in more ways than one. Physically, spiritually, relationally and emotionally. This book describes the battle to choose faith and trust in God over fear in the face of the worst news. Seeing each day, each moment as worth savoring and caring for others in the midst of one’s own trial. Continuously praying and moving forward with purpose, peace and humor… you can’t read this and not notice her incredible and astonishing positive attitude! Only one way to explain it: the life-giving power of Jesus Christ.
I’m now on my second copy – I gave the 1st away at the doctor’s office to someone who needed to hear these words. Regardless of your situation, you will take away many valuable insights. I’m challenged to make the decision to live with courage, faith – and even humor and joy – no matter what comes. Thank you for “walking the talk!” – Melissa L.


A lovely story about courage, strength and faith. A beautiful little book.

I recently purchased this book and I loved it so much I finished in one night. The author takes you on her journey through cancer, chemotherapy, fear and faith. If you or anyone you know may have cancer please purchase your copy today. I was completely uplifted by her positivity throughout her journey.

– Susan L.


Powerful!  It’s one that everyone must read!

Oh! My! Goodness! A now book! A must read and anyone who is or has gone through hard times – difficult moments – this is a powerful book and resource!  – Gie


Personal Journey of Faith and Courage.

This is a heartfelt journaling of the author’s courageous journey through, and incredible healing from, an aggressive cancer. I was able to read it in one sitting, in part because the many encouraging email messages chronicled at each stage got a bit predictive so I confess I skimmed some of those.
For those facing this or a similar difficult illness, the book provides encouragement and hope. And for those looking to support someone who is experiencing serious illness, the many examples of cheerful and supportive messages can provide some ideas for how to bolster spirits and be supportive.
I also recommend it for health care providers who work with patients with serious illnesses, as a reminder of the power of providing supportive encouragement and bolstering the faith of the patient to allow healing to take place. The book provides important insights into this from the patient’s perspective, and we see which healthcare workers were effective in doing so, and some who were not.
As an aside, the beautiful cover artwork with the title would make an excellent framed reminder of the power of unflappable faith and trust. – Little Miss


Very Uplifting

This book is full of positive, encouraging insights into the author’s battle with cancer and how she chose to rely on God to fight for her and heal her. Her very choice to believe God’s word in her life challenges me to look at my own thoughts and see if I’m just living on ‘auto pilot’ or really taking God at His word to work and lead my life. I enjoyed how her family and friends uplifted her through encouraging notes and prayers and emails – I’m inspired by the many ways they helped and supported her! Her journey through the battle with cancer challenges me to see who I really am when the “rubber hits the road.”

– B64

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